Managed IT Support

With this ongoing service, you will have peace of mind your IT is being managed by an expert and if any unexpected problems arise, someone will be on hand to fix them. Whether it is a hardware, software, or network issue, or something to do with your security or anti-virus, we can support all issues remotely.

Our three service plans are priced per user rather than device, so coves however many devices each of your users have – PCs, laptops, tablets, mobiles, printers. Whether you want a short or long term commitment.

No matter how many issues you require fixing, our monthly fee will not increase, and you can have as short or long term commitment as you wish.

Our service plans are:

  • Lite Plan – response within 24 hours and a fix within 48 hours. Available 8am-6pm five days a week,
  • Pro Plan –  Available 8am-6pm five days a week,
  • Innovate Plan – Response within 4 hours, fix within 8 hours. Available 24/7. This plan also offers onsite support if required.

Because our service is cloud based, you will see lower costs, compared with traditional IT support.

Cloud Specialist

Did you know that cloud-based businesses save up to two hours per person per week and cut costs of travel, energy and IT? By using technology in the right way, Innovo-IT helps small businesses to save time and cut costs, as well lower their carbon footprint. Businesses utilising cloud technology lower their carbon output by 65-85% compared to traditional businesses.

Innovo-IT will guide you through the process of moving to the Cloud ensuring the right solutions are in place for you. We’ll get the right technology for you and your business.

The process begins with a discovery session, working out what your business needs are, what problems you may be experiencing, and even if Cloud is suitable for your business. Once we have assessed your suitability for Cloud IT, we will produce a proposal for the best solution available to you.


Our Consultancy services cover all your IT requirements – Innovo-IT will work with you to review the IT within your business, to assess your needs around what could be improved, made more efficient, or to solve your biggest IT challenges.

We’ll pull together your IT strategy, develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans, as well as guiding you towards the best solutions for your business needs. We can also offer a second opinion to your internal IT department as sometimes a pair of fresh eyes on a particular problem can be invaluable.