Managed IT Support

Why do Kent Professional Service businesses choose Innovo IT for their Managed IT Support?

Flat monthly fee
All your support needs covered, meaning you can budget and plan ahead, knowing you won’t get any surprise bills.

No risk contracts
No hidden clauses, or gotchas. Contracts run month to month, with an easy get out if you really want to.

Proactive IT Support
Your IT is monitored 24x7 by over 600 certified technicians, meaning we often fix issues before you even know about them.

We charge per person, not per device so you know all your IT is covered

Data backups are guaranteed

We have over 20 years experience, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Choice of 3 Service Support Plans:

  • Basic Plan – Available 8am-6pm five days a week,
  • Essentials Plan   Available 8am-6pm five days a week, backed by 600+ certified technicians.
  • Innovate Plan – Available 24/7/365, backed by 600+ certified technicians.

Cloud Specialist

Did you know that businesses who use our Cloud First System save up to two hours per person per week and cut costs of travel, energy and IT?

By using technology in the right way, Innovo-IT helps small businesses to save time and cut costs, as well lower their carbon footprint.

Businesses utilising our Cloud First System also lower their carbon output by 65-85% compared to traditional businesses.

Innovo-IT will guide you through the process of moving to the Cloud ensuring the right solutions are in place for you. We’ll get the right technology for you and your business.

The process begins with a discovery session, working out what your business needs are, what problems you may be experiencing, and even if Cloud is suitable for your business. Once we have assessed your suitability for Cloud IT, we will produce a proposal for the best solution available to you.


Our Consultancy services cover all your IT requirements – Innovo-IT will work with you to review the IT within your business, to assess your needs, more efficiencies, or to solve your biggest IT challenges.

We’ll pull together your IT strategy, develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans, as well as guiding you towards the best solutions for your business needs. We can also offer a second opinion to your internal IT department as sometimes a pair of fresh eyes on a particular problem can be invaluable.