Innovo-IT Consulting is the brainchild of Paul Goggin, a published author who has written about the vast benefits of ‘cloud’ technology in ‘Cloud First: Why Your Technology Is Killing Your Small Business And What To Do About It’. 

Paul Goggin is passionate about Technology and Nature. Having shelved his dreams of becoming a nature conservationist when he left school, Paul worked for over 20 years in IT for many global corporations.

Paul’s ‘Eureka Moment’ came when he realised a few things:

  • One –  that the Cloud gives small businesses the same opportunities and advantages that large corporations take for granted
  • Two –  that most small IT providers don’t really understand the Cloud, meaning they can’t provide you with all the benefits that using the Cloud in the right way brings.
  • Three –  that helping small growing businesses move to the Cloud actually helps lower their energy usage and carbon output.

When Paul realised his childhood dream of helping to conserve nature and fight climate change could be combined with his passion for technology, Innovo-IT Consulting Ltd was born.

In April 2012 Paul set up his business based in Kent and it has grown year on year since. He has a client base who are proud to recommend his services.